Data Integration – The Present, Future, and How We Do It Here


Agilite is a team of accomplished digital engineers, here to help your enterprise harness the immeasurable power of data technology and machine learning, and leverage it to achieve tangible business goals. One of our services includes data integration.

Data integration is defined as technical and business processes combination used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information. Basically, data produces a single, unified view of a company’s data that a business intelligence application can access to provide actionable insights, which is based on the entirety of the organization’s data assets. The pool of information produced by the integration process is often collected into a data warehouse. Let’s see how it is important for business, Business intelligence applications can make use of a comprehensive set of information provided by data integration to originate important business perceptions from a company’s historic and current data. Providing executives and managers with a detailed understanding of the company’s current operations, and the opportunities and risks it faces in the marketplace can have a direct bottom-line impact. The data integration process is crucial for collaborating with outside organizations such as suppliers, business partners, or governmental oversight agencies. One important application of data integration in today’s IT environment is providing access to data stored on legacy systems such as mainframes. For example, modern big data analytics environments such as Hadoop usually are not natively compatible with mainframe data. A good solution will bridge that gap, making an organization’s valuable legacy data available for use with today’s popular business intelligence applications.

 One of the many advantages of data integrations is easy and fast connections, in the past developing connections, have been a painful task that took a long time, Nowadays doing data integrations in the cloud is the new thing. It’s easy and fast, the reason for that is because of the pre-build adapters and connectors that can be easily replicated.  Another advantage is the availability of data, Data siloes and batch processing are not sustainable, we need to have data available for all the right stakeholders in one place and in real-time. That’s why it’s essential to connect all the data sources as fast as possible to obtain all the necessary information as soon as possible in a single place. One more thing is that more insights bring improvements, once we have all the data in one place, we can utilize the available information much better, or there must be a data analyst to create insights from the available information. Whether we can use the data or someone needs to work on information the result will be guaranteed, we will have better intelligence on our operations and customers, and we will be able to make better decisions based on the available information, and they improve the process strait. Normally, data has a lot of hidden value, the ones who realize it early enough and unlock the information and hidden in all the data will be available to have a considerable advantage compared to the competition. Here in Agilite, we do data integration knowing all its importance in today’s world and its future, so that we deliver the best results compared to anyone else.

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