Transformation Solutions for
Financial Services Industry

Let's Reimagine Together For A Better Future

You need to evolve quicker. And we offer banking and payment solutions to help you stay ahead of the pack. Let's reimagine better together.

Agilite's Fintech
Core Objectives

Enhance your customer experience

Engage your employees on a deeper level

Intensify your digital aspirations

Truly human-centric fintech digital capabilites

What you need to revamp the financial technology lines?

  • Whenever possible, automate processes.
  • Reduce the risks that your business encounters.
  • Customer service should always be improved.
  • Enhance the level of security.
  • Help deliver great-value services.
  • Whenever possible, automate processes.
  • Anticipate and prevent the possibility of fraud.
  • Integration of third-party services is necessary.
  • Use Big Data to derive insights.
  • Stick to the rules and use RegTech

Who will be benefited from our innovations?

  • Commercial and investment banks
  • Brokerages and exchanges
  • Payment Banks
  • FinTech Providers
  • Mortgage lending institutions.
  • Community Banking providers.
  • Providers of loans and credit.
  • Institutions for wealth management
  • Companies that provide insurance.
  • Suppliers of financial market data.

We adopt a human-centric approach to digital transformation in financial services at Agilite, putting people at the center of all we do. The market must envisage a new future focused on the urgent and methods of assessment of its customers.

Agilite Fintech
What we do?

Mobile Banking

To digitalize client onboarding experiences and streamline financial processes, we collaborate with both online banks and on-premise banks.

Easy Integrations

To link our clients' products with widely accepted third-party payment providers, we develop custom APIs.

Payment Gateway

With a focus on a seamless user experience, security and fraud protection, we are pioneers in online and in-app payments

Risk Management

We help businesses to accelerate with technologies to manage financial and regulatory compliance risks with our deep RegTech expertise.

Robotic Process Automation

We automate processes within the client’s organization and provide automated communication tools for their users to reduce man efforts wherever possible.

Loans Management

We use historical data to minimize risk, automate loan issuance, and reduce costs in the credit markets.

Reporting & Analytics

With visualization dashboards and forecasting tools, we help financial service providers make better choices quicker.


To protect funds from all sides, we work on secure authorisation, automatic fraud detection, data encryption, and distributed ledgers.

Omnichannel Experience

We design digital interfaces for banking applications and web platforms, including gamification into consumer interactions to encourage them to utilize your service.

Our purpose-driven partnerships

Each of our partners is well established as an organisation and their product offerings are widely accepted, trusted and at the forefront of the digital engineering industry. Agilite brings you only the most advanced and capable business optimization technologies in collaboration with world leading technology innovators.

Our Technology Capabilities

When you collaborate with Agilite as a partner, you have access to a diverse ecosystem that is not only focused on financial technology, though they are an essential component of what we do. You have a partner who is committed to assisting you in becoming the greatest version of your company today and in the future. We recognize the importance of digital transformation in the financial services industry and will work with you every step of the way to ensure success.

Our Technology Capabilities include:

We provide virtual cloud environments for your financial solution that facilitate entire functionality while lowering infrastructure costs and minimizing downtime.

Essential aspects of your on-premise systems are migrated to the cloud, with a significant number of legacy data and the most critical features structured in secure warehouses.

Partnering with financial service providers, we build proof-of-concepts for their creative vision and assist their productisation efforts from concept to market-ready solution in an efficient and effective manner.

Create a user flow that engages clients in your product with our user experience design services.

Since applications are broken down into manageable services that are faster to create and still robust in performance, microservices architecture tackles the productivity and speed issues in development.

AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data technologies let us visualize crucial financial insights from analytics and reporting systems, as well as assist in making data-driven decisions for credit scoring.

As part of our loan management and payment processing systems, we use blockchain technology to increase security and transparency.