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Machine learning: The future perspective

Machine Learning (ML) has been established to be one of the most game-changing technological growths of the past decade. You might be hindered by machine learning or think it’s something that only the top companies can make use of, but that’s not true let’s change those thoughts and understand how Machine Learning is valuable for everyone.…

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Data Integration – The Present, Future, and How We Do It Here

Agilite is a team of accomplished digital engineers, here to help your enterprise harness the immeasurable power of data technology and machine learning, and leverage it to achieve tangible business goals. One of our services includes data integration. Data integration is defined as technical and business processes combination used to combine data from disparate sources into…

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Transformation of Cloud Cyber Security Landscape in 2021

The massive growth of remote staff in the midst of the COVID-19 has promoted and stimulated the simultaneous growth of cloud services.  Employees that have access to cloud-based networking platforms and software have extended organizational network boundaries to the individual’s residence – a one-man branch office. In light of this, consumers and service providers must…

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Compliance and data security

Compliance & data security in the Cloud world

Until recently, most Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) were mostly occupied with delivering data storage and cloud storage facilities to businesses, with no attention paid to the reliability of the data or whether it followed industry regulations. As the cloud landscape evolves and becomes more dynamic, CSPs are becoming more mindful of how to assist consumers…

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