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We design and build digital solutions to help organizations improve

Time to Market

Engage Customers Effectively

Differentiate their Brands

Drive Revenue Growth

Our Services

Agilite Group is a professional systems integrator, and has helped many businesses transform their IT initiatives.

ICO Services

We at Agilite Group help you provide a complete package solution with ICO services. It will be great to knowthat you can get the complete combination of the technology solutions, legal solution and marketing solutions...

Cloud Solutions

We will help transform your organization by finding the right cloud solutions and devices for your business needs. Agility and speed are the key factors to a business’s success, and our cloud migration and deployment ...

Big Data Solutions

We run massive sets of predictive analytics – which impacts the technology industry in meaningful and significant ways. Our intelligence and analytics approach is unique in approach. We view all aspects of the technol...

Agile Transformation

Agilite Group is a professional systems integrator, and has helped many businesses transform their IT initiatives. We specialize in combining both the technical and business processes used to combine data from dispara...

Business Process Management

Our intelligence and analytics is unique in approach. We view all aspects of the technology cycle in a way that is designed to get the most value out of information. We study, identify, change and monitor business pro...

How can We help Drive Digital Growth

Best of the Breed Gap Fit

Leverage existing services and capabilities in an enterprise by building light weight solutions using accelerators

On Premise to Cloud

Integration on premise application to cloud application

Customer Experience Design

Create compelling customer experiences that differentiate brands

Real Time Data Analytics

Transform data into actionable intelligence and new revenue streams

Technology Expertise

Business Process Management

SOA, Connectivity and Middleware

Cloud Integration and API-M

Enterprise Mobility and Social

ETL and Data Warehousing

Internet IOT

File Transfer and B2B/EDI

Digital Experience and Commerce

Big Data and Real time Analytics

About Us

Client Relationships

Teams designated for clients on ongoing basis | Engineers commonly work with the same client for multiple years

We form long-term teams dedicated specifically to your business.

We come to know your products inside and out, enabling us to make insightful, practical recommendations for solution improvement and innovation

Global Scale

US and India

The vast majority of our global talent base are experienced engineers.

Our clients have ready-access to leading-edge technical expertise to accelerate development of high-quality solutions

Integrated Design & Engineering

Fully-integrated customer experience design, platform development and data analytics capabilities from visioning to execution

Our framework seamlessly integrates customer experience design, product engineering, and data analytics.

This helps companies develop the right digital solutions faster to accelerate time to market, improve customer engagement and reduce risk.

Engineering Heritage

Solutions Engineering rigor in our DNA

We began as a software product engineering firm and apply those strong disciplines to digital engineering.

When digital platforms are central to your business, you want a partner who knows how to build scalable, reliable solutions that perform exceptionally well.

Experienced Personnel

Team of experienced Industry and Subject Matter Experts


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