Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Trivandrum
Remote/ WFH Option: Yes
CTC: INR 16-22L/ Annum
Experience: 6+

The Agilite Group is a professional services company specializing in Data Integration, Business Intelligence, AI/ML, Analytical and Big Data problems, challenges or strategies. We strongly believe that a company’s competitive advantage is best achieved by understanding and utilizing its data effectively. The Agilite Group focuses on understanding your business, processes and problems helping you create an actionable plan and sustainable path towards innovation that enables key strategic decisions, resulting in your long-term success.

Here is a summary of the kind of work you will be tasked with:

1. Machine Learning
a. Build an ongoing understanding of current state-of-the-art NLU architectures, methods, and processes, and innovate networks that create actionable intelligence from text.
b. Understand different media types (images, audio, video, etc.) and build networks that extract information and meaning from these media.
c. Create networks that curate (and/or generate) media (text today, everything else tomorrow). Understand the problems that go into building these networks and innovate solutions to mitigate these problems.
d. Understand patterns in time-series (and other) data, and create networks that evolve as these patterns do, using SOTA reinforcement learning techniques, Bayesian networks, and other methods.
e. Build search and recommendation systems based not just on media but on context and meaning.

2. Data Science
a. Build a deep understanding of usage patterns and patterns in language.
b. Provide statistical input and solutions to help product teams make better decisions.
c. Help understand, clean, and generate datasets for networks. Help interpret network outputs and make them comprehensible to people outside the team.
d. Report on customer trends and deployment performance, and identify areas that we can target using ML/Data Science solutions.

3. Engineering:
a. This role requires a thorough understanding of core computer engineering and computer science and is not limited to programming, database administration, or engineering the cloud. You will be called on to do all of these. For us, full-stack really means full-stack.
b. Define and help build the APIs our various products use to deliver ML-based solutions to customers.
c. Understand and decimate engineering challenges that stand in the way of optimal speeds and reliability across all our deployments.
d. A deep understanding of algorithms and first principles in computing is helpful for this area of focus.

Role: Technical Analyst, Data Scientist

Job Description:

As an analyst, you will be part of a team of ML Practitioners involved in delivering SOTA solutions. You will:
1. Help build an understanding of model performance, concept & data drift, and goal completion.
2. Provide insight into possible interventions across products and help conceptualize and define new features for ML products.
3. Work with other ML practitioners by providing them clean, usable data, and inferences around that data that make a meaningful impact to Modeling.
4. Work with other product teams to help them contextualize ML performance in their products.
5. Provide reporting to every level of the org, from Ops, to Product Teams, to CxOs,
6. Maintain and expand the data infrastructure that allows for data-driven decision making at every level of the Org.

The Ideal candidate possesses:
1. A keen statistical mind and knowledge of statistical inferential techniques
2. The ability to work with multiple data sources, and conceptualize data architecture that allows for broad-based analysis across domains
3. Comfort with modern reporting tools such as Looker and Google Data Studio
4. Excellent SQL skills. Knowledge of how database systems work and are designed is a huge advantage.
5. An understanding of what is possible with modern ML.

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