ICO Services

We at Agilite Group help you provide a complete package solution with ICO services. It will be great to knowthat you can get the complete combination of the technology solutions, legal solution and marketing solutions. This is attractive as you can get 3 different services from one company and don’t need to worry about your business processes.


Our team contains industry experts and also the team of engineers who can help you with products development.We create the technology options, products and the platforms which can be customized based on the needs of the client and also play an important role in the data journey of business.The block chain technology is used so that the executions of the purchasing agreement can be done between the sides of sales, wherein you can either choose to have sell the executing contract and the digital contracts. We offer you with these services and the main goal is allowing the two parties to trade in easy manner and also carry the business in the online world without any need of the third party. We also offer the Initial coin offering development services which allows the selling of the token for the crypto currencies.

  • Need evaluation of projects
  • Assessing new products & prototypes
  • Optimize technology frameworks
  • Develop mobile & web applications


The legal and the compliance risk are very much common to the daily operations of business. Your enterprise may be under pressure for controlling the operational and the regulatory risks and we help you in that manner.Mainly the escrow accounts are used for the transacting between the buyer and the seller and thus reducing the risk of damage to the property. We make sure to solve your issues related to the escrow accounts and the custodial advisory is also offered to your business.

Professional whitepaper writing services

Resolve issues related to Escrow accounts

Custodial Advisory

Cash management & controlled disbursements

Internal security auditors

Investment management


Digital marketing is the concept different from the traditional marketing and the services offered by us includes the search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, reputation managements, conversion optimization, PR marketing, lead generation, email marketing, e commerce solutions. We offer you with the pre sales services. Pre sales are the process which includes the activities which are carried before the customer acquires. We help with the community services and solve your issues. The benefit of maintaining investor relation can also be achieved. It shows that with all these services at single platforms you can boost the efficiency and presence of your business.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Presales Services
  • Community Services