Agile Transformation

Agilite Group is a professional systems integrator, and has helped many businesses transform their IT initiatives. We specialize in combining both the technical and business processes used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful, and valuable information.


As an extension to our other services, we often help organizations assess “how agile” they are and recommend improvements. Our experts have the tools and experience to provide you guidance to accelerate your agile transformation.

Our practices provide you with a relevant solution for your problem as we have bifurcated our solutions into 4 layers.

Agile Maturity Assessment

One-Time Assessment

On-Going Assessments

Product Ownership Assessment

Coaching& Training:

It needs to be clearly defined as what it means to be “Agile” for an organization.

Therefore, it extremely important to identify the type of training required and the attendees so as to deliver the information consistently and throughout the organization.

Our experts focus on building the maturity and continuous improvement in mindset of teams through:

  • Real-world training programes
  • Immersive & simulation based concepts
  • Just in time approaches
  • Embedded hands on agile coaches


Our experts work across several agile methodologies like Scrum, Crystal, Lean Development and Featured-driven Development to deliver the best solution and ensure your task is achieved efficiently.

While each of the methodologies are unique in their specific approach, they all share a common vision and values. What is most important is that agile methods focus on empowering organizations to make decisions quickly and effectively.

  • Improves Visibility
  • Maximize Business Value
  • Adaptable
  • Reduces Risk